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Today, to survive in business, organizations are compelled to compete with other organizations. Therefore, they have no choice unless to be innovative. Innovation is the application of new ideas of creativity that can be new products, new services, or a new way of doing things. Without innovation, new ways of doing business cannot emerge at all, and most organizations will be forever caught up in old services and old ways. The continuous and inclusive innovation enhancement, is, in fact, a kind of systematic exploration, the aim of which is to find new ways and means to react to environmental changes and pressures. Since repeated reactions aren’t effective in today's complex and changing environments. Therefore, companies should constantly search for new and novel ways of interaction in the environment, and, in turn, affect those interactions and changes. In developing a culture of innovation that can support an organization to implement and leverage the innovation process, good human resource management and knowledge sharing should be considered. First, we describe definitions of innovation, then innovation necessity, advantages, and barriers impeding it are examined. Finally, the innovation cycle, innovation process and strategies for creating and developing a culture of innovation will be examined.


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Aghileh, M. (2022). Approaches to development of innovation culture as a tool for gaining competitive advantage. Future of Business Administration, 1(1), 13–22.