Sexuality and Gender Studies Journal (SGSJ)

Sexuality and Gender Studies Journal is an international, semiannual, scholarly Open Access, peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing in English. 

About SGSJ - Sexuality and Gender Studies Journal

Sexuality and Gender Studies Journal is an international, semiannual, scholarly Open Access, peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing in English. SGSJ welcomes research articles in the area of Sexuality and Gender Studies from the following subject areas but not limited to: gender and popular culture, gender and children’s literature, gender and technology, gender and violence, sexuality studies, transgender studies, sexual violence, and gender inequality approach. Authors are invited to submit articles that have not been previously published and are not under consideration elsewhere. All types of submissions including original scientific articles, and reviews relevant to all areas of sexuality studies are accepted for consideration.

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Original title:  Sexuality and Gender Studies Journal

ISO Abbreviation: Gend. Soc.

Short title: SGSJ

ISSN: 2783-7130 (Electronic Version)

Frequency:  Biannual (2 issues per year)

Nature: Online

Language of Publication: English

Sexuality and Gender Studies Journal is indexed/abstract with the following databases:

All Papers will be assigned a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from Crossref and will be indexed by Google Scholar.

More databases will be added to the list to ensure the maximum readership reach of your research paper. SGSJ has linked its papers to references by DOIs assigned by Crossref. Publish your work at SGSJ journal of education to increase your visibility and readership worldwide

SGSJ Journal Focus and Scope

The Journal of gender studies is an international peer-reviewed journal focused on gender studies research and its sociological, economic, social, philosophical and political aspects. The academia, researchers, professionals, and scholars engaged in gender studies are the main audience of this journal. The SGSJ journal raises questions and provides responses to the research and practice in the areas of gender roles, feminist research, gender stereotypes, gender inequality, psychology of gender, powerful gender and many more.

Gender studies also examines and analyzes gender identity and gendered representation. Furthermore, the Journal also aims to bring out the research and works done by gender and sexuality studies scholars who offer updated empirical knowledge about gendered practices, norms, and discourses in politically significant ways.

Qualitative and quantitative studies or interdisciplinary researches applied mixed methods sharing the same goal of improving worldwide gender studies are invited for submission. Research should be both practical and theoretical with implications for policy and practice. Each research work will be primarily reviewed by the editors and then will undergo a double-blind peer-review to ensure publication of in-depth thorough research.

SGSJ accepts submissions on the following subjects (please note that the list is not exhaustive):

  • Gender realities
  • Gender norms
  • Women rights & laws
  • Gender relations
  • Gender identities 
  • Gender Equilibrium/balance in the society
  • Gender theories and movements
  • Gender discrimination & solutions
  • Gender and development

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