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Diamond Open is an international online publishing house. We publish academic work in English a variety of fields in the form of books, journals, and conference proceedings. Our goal is to bring the international community of academics, policymakers, and members of non- and for-profit organizations high-quality research that covers topics with local, national, and global implications. The double-blind peer-review process is at the heart of our operations. That’s how we ensure that every item that we publish adheres to the highest standards of quality. We chose the open access model because we strongly believe that work that matters should be distributed freely in order to facilitate discussions that shape the future.

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Open Access Academic Conference Proceedings

We publish proceedings from academic conferences to make sure that our audience has access to the latest findings covered by offline and online events around the world. This also offers presenters at such events the opportunity to reach audiences that go far beyond the attendees and have their findings be permanently accessible online to anyone interested.

Open Access Academic Books

We publish academic books that cover a variety of fields, offering authors the opportunity to maximize their reach through our open access platform. All submissions are reviewed by academics with a strong track record in their respective fields. To ensure that each work is judged purely on its merits, we utilize the double-blind peer review process.

Open Access Academic Journals

We publish academic journals in a number of fields with each article undergoing a double-blind peer review process. Our editorial and reviewing committees consist of accomplished academics with remarkable credentials, who ensure that our journals publish exclusively high-quality articles that are relevant and contribute new information to the respective fields.

Why Our Publications Are Open Access

Over the last decade, open access academic publishing has made significant advances against the traditional subscription-based models. This is due to the fact that we live in an increasingly inter-connected world, where restricting access to knowledge slows down progress. Through open access, we provide authors with the opportunity to have their work read by a significantly larger audience, meaning it makes a stronger impact on how conversations on matters of local and international importance are framed and facilitated. Readers do not have to pay a fee to access, use, or share any of the work published through one of our publications. Each work is accessible online permanently at no cost. We welcome the diversity of opinions, perspectives, and experiences. We welcome discussions that are intellectually stimulating and challenge our understanding of the world around us. That’s what pushes us into the future and gives us the tools necessary to make evidence-based decisions that impact communities on national and global levels.

Another major difference from the traditional publishing model is that open access allows our authors to retain the copyright of their work. The Creative Commons attribution license grants readers permission to use the author’s work in a variety of ways, provided that rules of attribution are followed.

At Diamond Scientific Publishing we believe that scientific research should be shared freely to maximize its impact on the world around us.

The stronger the reach of your work, the more recognition you receive as its author, and the more impact your work has on the way policymakers, academics, and other members of the global community shape the future.

Why Choose Us to Publish Your Work

Maximum Reach

Through open access we offer authors the opportunity to maximize the reach potential of their work.

Copyright Retainment

You keep copyrights over your work though the CC BY 4.0 license, allowing readers to read and share your work with proper attribution.

Indexation and Identification

All work published on Diamond Scientific Publishing gets indexed in the main bibliographical databases, including Crossref© with an individual Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

Credibility and Quality

Our high standards of quality ensured by the double-blind peer review process provide your work with a reliable and credible platform

Fast Communication

Whether you have questions regarding our publications or would like to receive further information from the editorial board, we respond to your queries promptly

Easy Submission

The online submission process makes it hassle-free to submit your work. It’s secure, fast, and efficient.

Looking for the right publisher for your next book or article?

Diamond Open is the ideal platform to reach the global community

Quality is at the foundation of our work. As such, each item that we publish – be it in the form of an article or a book – undergoes a rigorous double-blind peer review process. All work is published in English and available free of charge for anyone to access, use, and share.

As an author, you have dedicated months, or more likely years, to research, analyses, and writing. However, your work will not live up to its potential if it does not find its audience. Knowledge is meant to be shared and built upon. It is impactful only if it contributes to the conversation. With Diamond Scientific Publishing, you are helping your work accomplish exactly that – become a part of the conversation.

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