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International Journal of Second and Foreign Language Education (IJSFLE) is an interdisciplinary journal of second and foreign language education studies, a peer-reviewed journal of international scope. It focuses on main areas of research in second and foreign language teaching and learning including language acquisition theories, instructional pedagogies, and methodologies, curriculum development, innovative approaches to language education. IJSFLE provides a forum for high-quality theoretical and experimental research and discussion on topics investigating and exploring applied linguistic theories as well as second and foreign language education. It brings forward new insights into applied linguistics and to second and foreign language education. Applied linguistics, second language acquisition, educational linguistics, foreign language learning and teaching, and many others are the disciples covered in this specialized scientific journal.

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Vol. 2 No. 2 (2023)

Published: December 5, 2023

Voices from University Classrooms on Effects of Multimodality on Polylingual EAL College Students’ Meaning Making

1-19 Olga Gould-Yakovleva

Synthetic Phonics: A Glimpse on its Effectiveness in Teaching Young Learners to Read in English as a Foreign Language

20-42 María Fátima del Valle Agüero, Agustina Francioni

Extension Project Based on Flipped Classroom to the Development of Hard and Soft Skills in Brazilian Outskirts: Case studies

43-61 Samara Soares Leal, Rafaela Priscila Cruz Moreira, Leonardo Albernaz Amaral, Jataiza de Arruda Barbosa, Thalita Pereira Alves, Isaque Moutta de Matos, Sergio Cristiano Pereira
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