Journal of Advanced Research in Women’s Studies (JARWS)

Journal of Advanced Research in Women’s Studies is a global forum for interdisciplinary research contributions in the area of feminism and women’s studies.

About JARWS - Journal of Advanced Research in Women’s Studies

Journal of Advanced Research in Women’s Studies is a global forum for interdisciplinary research contributions in the area of feminism and women’s studies. JARWS welcomes submission of high-quality articles in all areas of women, culture and society, women and health, feminist methodologies, gender and public policy, transnational feminisms, women and migration, women’s leadership and social change, race and women. Submissions to JARWS cannot have been published previously in any other journal or is under consideration elsewhere. The Journal will consider submissions of the following article types: research articles, communication articles, review articles, perspective articles and others.

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Original title:  Journal of Advanced Research in Women’s Studies

ISO Abbreviation: Women Stud

Short title:  JARWS

ISSN: 2783-7122 (Electronic Version)

Frequency:  Semiannual (2 issues per year)

Nature: Online

Language of Publication: English

Journal of Advanced Research in Women’s Studies is indexed/abstract with the following databases:

All Papers will be assigned a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from Crossref and will be indexed by Google Scholar.

More databases will be added to the list to ensure the maximum readership reach of your research paper. JARWS has linked its papers to references by DOIs assigned by Crossref. Publish your work at JARWS journal of education to increase your visibility and readership worldwide

JARWS Journal Focus and Scope

The Journal of women’s studies is an international peer-reviewed journal focused on women’s studies research and its sociological, economic, social, philosophical and political aspects. The academia, researchers, professionals, and scholars engaged in women’s studies are the main audience of this journal. The JARWS journal raises questions and provides responses to the research and practice in the area of interdisciplinary study of how intersectionality of gender, race, age, class, nationality, ethnicity, ability, sexuality, and other differences impact almost every facet of the social, political, and cultural experience.

Women’s studies which also examine how the lives of individual women are shaped by broader structural forces in both historical and contemporary contexts, for e.g., nation building, globalization, economic developments, and the legal system can be addressed in submissions. Furthermore, the Journal also aims to bring out the research and works done by women studies scholars who have adopted an approach to abortion rights, first-wave feminism, radical feminism, adoption rights, marriage, same-sex parenting, stereotypes, transgender, transsexuals and all discussions of women, gender, sexuality, and nonbinary.

Qualitative and quantitative studies or interdisciplinary researches applied mixed methods sharing the same goal of improving worldwide women’s studies are invited for submission. Research should be both practical and theoretical with implications for policy and practice. Each research work will be primarily reviewed by the editors and then will undergo a double-blind peer-review to ensure publication of in-depth thorough research.

JARWS accepts submissions on the following subjects (please note that the list is not exhaustive):

  • History of women’s studies
  • Difference between sex and gender
  • Gender imbalance
  • Stereotype gender roles
  • #MeeToo movement
  • Gender discrimination laws
  • Sexism and gender discrimination
  • Physiological differences and gender
  • Gender and sexual harassment
  • Sex, gender and leadership
  • Gender and parenting
  • Feminism movement
  • Women in advertising
  • Cognitive differences between genders
  • Abortions and pregnancy
  • Women and power

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